John Likes Movies Podcast, Episode 1: Talking TIFF with Max Covill

On the inaugural edition of the John Likes Movies Podcast, I’m joined by writer Max Covill to talk about TIFF 2015. We discuss what it’s like being at a festival like TIFF before jumping into some of Max’s highlights (and some lowlights) including Anomolisa, Office, and The Lobster.

TIFF Nuts and Bolts: 0:00 – 15:05
Demolition: 15:06 – 24:00
Anomolisa: 24:01 – 31:38
Mountains May Depart: 31:39 – 36:25
Office: 36:26 – 40:44
Sunset Song: 40:45 – 45:03
The Lobster: 45:04 – 48:41
Favorite Films of the Festival: 48:42 – 57:24

Exit track: “Swan Song” by Paper Navy

Max on Twitter
Max on Letterboxd (with links to his TIFF reviews)

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